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We created HanaLaura to set a better standard for the personalized jewelry you find online. All of our name necklaces, monogram jewelry, personalized rings and more are made using 100% precious metals such as 0.925 sterling silver and genuine gold. Founded by people with over 70 years of expertise in jewelry, we know how to make quality pieces at affordable prices that you'll love and wear for a long time.

personalized handwriting necklace 

About the Handwritten Name Necklace

Our team is focused on delivering exquisite and bespoke pieces to match your style. We also specialize in personalized handwriting necklaces for a whole new level of style. It's a great gift for your loved one or friend who loves personalized name necklaces. 

We have in-house design consultants that will help you adorn your signature handwriting necklace with the gems that you like. We take custom jewelry seriously because we know that each piece is worth a thousand words.

We are experts in design, jewelry, and the process of crafting each piece. From personalized initial necklace, signature, or handwriting, we can make it for you. We craft each piece with care and attention to detail. 

No one will have the same personalized necklace as you. Instead of purchasing typical pieces at a jewelry store, you can have yours made with your handwritten words. 

We make beautiful pieces that you will be proud to wear. Each necklace is made to last and can be passed onto the next generation. 

We can make each piece in just a few days. If you are looking for last-minute gifts, our personalized initial necklace designs are a great choice.  

signature handwriting necklace

Why Choose Hana Laura?

At Hana Laura, we make sophisticated personalized handwriting necklaces for you to enjoy. For us, your jewelry should reflect your personal style. We make it possible with our personalized service, be it for your necklace, ring, bracelet, and more.  

Rest assured that each piece that we make is well-polished and guaranteed to stand out. 

Personalized Name bracelets by HanaLaura

With our personalized name bracelets, you can now wear the name of the person you love! You can also have your name designed so you can flaunt it on your wrist. We also accept custom handwriting jewelry requests so your bracelet can become a bespoke piece.

custom handwriting jewelry

We create monograms, initials, personalized name, and adjustable name bracelets. Each piece is made specifically for you. Our team of in-house designers will make sure that the bracelet will be made the way you like it.

HanaLaura was founded with style and function in mind. Every bracelet that we make is designed to last for decades, like an heirloom that will stand the test of time. We want you to be proud of the jewelry that you wear, regardless if it's a simple bracelet or one studded with gems.

All our bracelets are perfect for any day. You can also send it as a gift to someone close to your heart. Nothing beats a personalized gift with a person’s name on it.

Our years of experience in the industry make us one of the leading personalized jewelry makers. We produce custom made bracelets with names on par with the highest quality possible. Once we get the specifications of the bracelet, we will craft it right away.

Our team can also make secret designs if you want to surprise a friend or a loved one. Rest assured that each bracelet that we make is crafted with love, artistry, and unbeatable passion for quality.