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Polished Monogram Necklace

$78.00 $49.00

SKU: P001G-SS-34-16

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Rectangle Tab Initial Earring

$139.99 $79.99


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Roman Initial Necklace

$60.00 $44.99

SKU: GNA0320-SS-16

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Roman Numeral Special Year Band Ring

$55.00 $40.00

SKU: HR0143-SS-5

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Round Monogram Earrings

$69.00 $45.00


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Satin Diamond Cut Monogram Necklace

$88.00 $68.00

SKU: PRZ0054-SS-1-16

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Script Diamond Cut Name Necklace with Beaded First Letter and Beaded Tail

$79.00 $54.99

SKU: GNA0270-SS-16

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Script Name with Heart Frame Necklace

$84.00 $59.99

SKU: GNA0293-SS-16

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Script Nameplate with Double Heart Tail

$99.00 $69.99


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Script Nameplate with First Letter Rhodium

$100.00 $69.99

SKU: GNA0339-SS-16

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Slender Bar Nameplate

$69.00 $49.99

SKU: PRZ0135-SS-16

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Sliding Bar Mongram Necklace

$129.00 $89.00

SKU: PRZ0253-SS-16

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Social Society Block Name Necklace

$109.00 $79.00

SKU: PRZ0159-FB-SS-16

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Social Society Full Name Necklace

$109.00 $79.00

SKU: PRZ0159-C-SS-16

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Social Society Monogram Necklace

$99.00 $69.00

SKU: PRZ0156-SS-16

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Social Society Script Name Necklace

$109.00 $79.00

SKU: PRZ0159-FS-SS-16

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Stacked Initial Name Necklace

$65.00 $45.00

SKU: PRZ0131-SS-16

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Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace with Sliding Chain

$69.00 $39.00

SKU: MM0001-SS-34

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Sterling Silver Script Nameplate with Plain Tail

$55.00 $39.99

SKU: GNA0271-SS-16

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Stunning Name Necklace

$99.00 $69.00

SKU: GNA00253-SS-16

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Stylish Monogram Necklace

$79.00 $55.00

SKU: PRZ0260-SS-16

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Tag Monogram Necklace

$79.00 $49.00

SKU: PRZ0123-SS-16

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Tailored "MOM" Heart Necklace

$69.00 $49.00

SKU: GNA0303-SS-16

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Tall Letter Nameplate Necklace

$139.00 $99.00

SKU: PRZ0057-SS-1-16

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