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Circular Chandelier Monogram Necklace

$119.00 $84.00

SKU: PRZ0113-SS-16

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Circular Chandelier Monogram Pendant Necklace

$139.00 $98.00

SKU: PRZ0117-SS-16

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Classic Bar Name Necklace

$65.00 $45.00

SKU: GNA0265-SS-16

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Classic Initial Necklace

$55.00 $40.00

SKU: PRZ0264-SS-16

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Crescent Moon Name Necklace

$89.00 $64.00

SKU: GNA0263-SS-16

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Curved Monogram Ring

$69.00 $49.00

SKU: HR0144-SS-5

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Date Roman Numeral Necklace

$74.00 $49.00

SKU: GNA0253-SS-16

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Decco Monogram Earring

$179.00 $129.00


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Decorative Border Pendant Engraved Monogram Necklace

$54.00 $39.00

SKU: PRZ0130-SS-16

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Diamond Cut Script Nameplate

$129.00 $89.99

SKU: GNA0336-SS-16

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Diamond Shaped Cut Out Initial

$75.00 $49.00

SKU: GNA0266-SS-16

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Diamond Shaped Initial Anklet

$85.00 $59.99


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Double 3-D Cut out Initial Necklace

$70.00 $49.99

SKU: GNA0280-SS-16

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Double 3-D Full Rhodium Nameplate

$165.00 $119.99

SKU: GNA0338-SS-16

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Double 3-D Name Necklace

$119.00 $79.99

SKU: GNA0279-SS-16

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Double 3-D Nameplate with Beading and Tale

$120.00 $84.99

SKU: GNA0272-SS-16

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Double Chain Monogram Anklet

$165.00 $99.99


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Double Dog Bone Pendant with Footprint

$59.00 $39.99

SKU: GNA0298-SS-16

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Double-Plated 3D Nameplate Necklace

$124.00 $79.00

SKU: GNA00244-SS-16

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Double-Plated 3D Script Name Necklace

$139.00 $99.00

SKU: GNA00246-SS-16

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Dynamic Personalized Name Ring

$79.00 $55.00

SKU: HR0145-SS-5

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Elegant Monogram Cuff Ring

$129.00 $89.00

SKU: HR0121-SS-5

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Engraved Bar Name Necklace

$85.00 $59.99

SKU: GNA0292-SS-16

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Engraved Curved Bar Name Necklace

$65.00 $40.00

SKU: PRZ0255-SS-16

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