Something Personal
//Something Personal

Something Personal

Personalized Jewelry from Hanalaura. It’s always a better gift.

It’s special, intimate, it’s personal!

It touches a special person in a special way.

It’s family.

Like my grandmother’s Candlesticks

What I learned from the search for them, made me realize how important is the jewelry I make at HanaLaura.  The silver monogram or sterling silver signature jewelry has a special place for my customer.

Just like Grandma’s candlesticks.

Candle Sticks

Just a pair of plain candlesticks

They are not worth much!

Something to light at the table for dinner!

They are special

And it’s personal!

That was all she had to remember that they once were a family.

They were poor!

It was Poland,

The year, 1914!

Her husband had come to America.

America, where they could have a chance at a new life!

As things turned out, she would have no life at all.

World War I had begun and she was alone with three small children, two boys and one girl.

She contracted tuberculosis, she had weeks to live.

She had to prepare as best she could.  She took the candlesticks and buried them. She wrote her husband in America and told him her fate, her fear for her children, and where she buried the candlesticks.

She gave her eldest the only wisdom that she knew would help them now that they would be alone.  She told them with virtually her last breath, “Keep the family together”


The oldest was twelve, youngest boy was five, my grandfather.

The children survived the war, came to America to meet with their father once again, to be a family.

They are gone now, my grandfather died some years ago, my father is now an old man.

But he often told me the story of my great grandmother and the message she gave her eldest before she died.  My father gave me that same message, to “Keep the family together”.

And he would tell me of the candlesticks.

They weren’t worth much!

But they were personal, something of hers he would have always.

Some years ago, he gave me the letters she had written to her husband.

I had them translated.

I heard the reading of the letter telling of the candlesticks, and where they were she had buried them.

Last year, my children grown and in college, the candlestick still in my mind, I couldn’t stand not knowing.

I had to know if they were still there.

I put myself in her place, what horror, and yet, what hope.

Against all odds, the children survived.

Could the candlesticks survive?

Could they be with her family once again?

I didn’t have her, or my grandfather, but I had to have something from them, something personal that would let me touch them once more.

The teachings were passed from her to the children, to their children, to me, and now to my children.  “Keep the family together”.

I traveled to Poland, I found the town.

I checked the records of the town and did some calculating.  My father taught me much, he taught me how to find my way in life, and how to find my way in the wilderness.

He taught me to keep the family together.

I found the candlesticks, they survived, the children survived, your teachings survived, and the family survived.”

They are not worth much, some plain slightly damaged silver candlesticks. A small piece of grandmas’ personalized jewelry.

They sit proudly at my table.

They are something personal that brings me closer to them, to their soul, to their teachings

I light them every time my family has dinner.

I hear her again words!

“Keep the family together”.

At HanaLaura, I want to offer something special, something personal, a personal name necklace, a silver monogram, and a signature necklace. I wanted to offer something that could be truly yours, something personal, just for you with that special meaning.

It was with this in mind that I developed a collection of personalized signature jewelry, nothing is more personal than your name, except my grandma’s candlesticks.

They’re not worth much,

And you can’t have them!

But you can now have your own signature in our sterling silver signature jewelry.  Or your handwritten words from a loved one, something just for you, that has that special meaning.

Personalized Jewelry

Just like grandma’s candlesticks.


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